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  • Bella up the walls

    26 juli, 2019 av

    I’m going to be completely honest with you, this is not a normal blog. You see, I’ve already tried that. I’ve already failed that. It was but one attempt in a long line of failed hustling schemes. Just ask my husband, he loves listing all of them; designing pillows, buying and reselling rare schliech figurines,… Läs mer

  • Bella pumps it up!

    18 augusti, 2019 av

    This post is basically going to be about me and my boobs. Just putting that out there. If you find boobs or breastfeeding disgusting I suggest you go apologize to your mother. (Just kidding, but seriously though, babies gotta babe) Since day one we have struggled with breastfeeding, my boobs and I. None of us… Läs mer

  • Bella found the missing post…

    16 augusti, 2019 av

    I still have like 8 different yet the same websites and I’m still super confused, but here is the post anyway; Today, a lifelong dream of mine, was crushed. I could merely watch as it got mangled, demolished, smashed in to smithereens. (My synonym game is on point!) Okay, so maybe it wasn’t as much… Läs mer

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